Drama Run: The King 2 Hearts

I am just on the verge of finishing The King 2 Hearts. Almost near the end, when I first heard of it I hadn’t really expected it to be this good, but it is, shaking up my favourite Drama List.

I would post a review but I can’t write reviews even if my life depended on it( maybe that’s too extreme). Anyways I am sleep deprived, panda eyed, walking around trying to get work done while my mind is fixated on what’s going to happen next. Drama runs have become the norm for me, I readily sacrifice, sleep , food and other basic things just so that I can watch them.

I can sense the withdrawal feelings soon approaching. This will be led by having the OST on replay until I am sick of it, having my tab wallpaper changed to the drama poster until I get sick of that too , but I still have one more episode to go till I get to that stage. Till then I will blog about it.

But truth be told, this drama had me so hooked, I just wouldn’t stop thinking about what happens next. Thank goodness I didn’t watch it when it was airing , waiting each week for the next episode would have been nothing short of torture. But in a bid to get through it faster than usual I made a big mistake, I took to reading the episode reviews on dramabeans.com, which is just line by line review of the whole episode, its a fast relief, but if you intend on watching the drama, I suggest you read the episode review after you’ve completed it, and not before otherwise you will not get the full effect. I really appreciate the people at Dramabeans, they really work very hard and their reviews are really good. Thank you Dramabeans.

Also I have come to the conclusion that Korean People are the best writers, directors, musicians, artists, costume designers, tear-jerkers, charecter-killers, story tellers in the whole world. Don’t even bother to argue with that.

So in case you were expecting a review, ( but didn’t get one …sorry about that) , I’ll just give you list of reasons you would be interested  in this drama:

1. Korean Drama ( Obviously)

2. K-Drama ( kidding :))

3. Han Ji Won ( total crazy person in heels)

4. Lee Sueng Ki ( really this guy is too good and he is very good looking tooo :D)

5.The Poster ( Korean people really know advertising….)

6. The OST

7. Jo Jung Suk ( Seriously you will go crazy at episode 19 because of this guy….)

8. There isn’t a single reason not to …. as simple as that, although I wonder at the name of the drama, but even that is not a big enough factor for you to ignore this.

I hope you enjoy…. Let me what you think.

Please find below the genius that is Korean Drama Advertising:

Next on the playlist: My Girl Friend is a Gumiho

By the way did I tell you about the time I watched Shut Up Flower boy Band, No???  Ok then please expect that as soon as I Wake Up ( all the pun intended)

Here’s to awesome online streaming and sub titles 🙂



7 thoughts on “Drama Run: The King 2 Hearts

  1. Hi Sabrina! Just wanted to say thanks for reblogging a post of mine.

    Always great to meet a fellow kdrama fan who understands the exact process a kdrama addict goes through right down to the withdrawal symptoms. Those can be nasty. Good luck to you lol xD. I heard of this drama, I love Han Ji Won since Secret Garden and Lee Seung Ki since My GF is a Gumiho but the plot of this drama didn’t sound all that interesting to me so I kinda pushed it away…this just makes me reconsider. I’m currently watching Big starring Gong Yoo -> HOT TALENTED ACTOR ALERT. And unfortunately because I had no self control, I’m watching it as it airs so I am fated to go through the weekly angst as I wait for new episodes T_T.

    Enjoy My GF Is A Gumiho! 😀 Hope to see you on my blog again soon!

  2. Hi, I just finished The K2H the other day. It was sure a crack-tastic drama! I also ugly-cried during ep.19. What I love about kdrama is that the actors are allowed to be un-cool. Lee Seung Gi got to cry multiple times and it was beautiful. Also, Seung Gi in a suit is just a wonderful thing.

    1. Yeah I know, i seriously get you, I went into it, all for the sake of Han Ji Won, but its crazy the way the characters take on life and they just leave such a strong impression… I have yet to see ep 20, I am prolonging it as much as I can…. trying to avoid getting to end, but wanting to get there too.

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