To the Azzurri

Dear Italian Euro Team of 2012,


I hope this finds you well!

Good day to you, Congratulation on your splendid performance in the last game, congratulations in advancing to the finals of the Euro 2012. It was very well done.

As you can tell, I am a very big fan of your team, even more so after Spain undeservedly forced their way into the finals. Without a doubt you agree with me, when I say it would have been better for you to have played against Portugal, that would have been a much worthier match than what you going to face. I am writing to render my full support and  permission to defeat Spain, like they have never been defeated before. I would very much appreciate it if you could manage to do this in the first half of Sunday’s game, in my guess 5-0 before half time should get job done and have us all celebrating. Although past experience will tell you that Spain is a very strong team and that they will play aggressively for the title, but such is not a factor, you are of course the better team and all that talk isn’t really meant for you.

I don’t propose you play dirty, and I hope you spend a lot of time respecting the players but I request you to please respect the concept of winning against Spain even more. I will of course be watching and cheering you on, and garnering more support for you in which ever means I can. Please fight well and win big and have a great time doing what is expected of you i.e. Defeating Spain.

Have a great game. Here’s to wishing you all the best. May you and only you win ( I really don’t have the heart to say things like May the best team win, because obviously I have better things to say, and it is in my interest that only you win against Spain and deny them the right to be Euro Champions 2012)

I hope you understand my sentiment and accept my best wishes.

Thank you for your patience and your understanding!

Looking forward to a terrific Italian Victory!

– A Portugal Fan

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