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Love The Bad Guy

For a man who spoke in rhymes and published a series of twisted, fantastical children’s books, I’m sure we can all agree that Dr Seuss was a brilliantly insightful man.

Oh, The Places You’ll Go was read out at my high school graduation, and brought many of us to tears. It was perfect.

I absolutely loved reading through this list of wonderful quotes; I hope you will, too.

– Love The Bad Guy

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  1. Reblogged this on Jade M.Wong and commented:
    I promise you, this reblogging thing will not become a habit! But Dr. Seuss is forever a childhood love and resistance is futile -.-. So here’s a list of quotes that I’m sure you’ve all read before but I hope you’ll read through again. Here’s to having hope, getting back up every time you fall, and always sharing a smile :).

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