How to sell a product? service? or Blog :P

Lately, after much time spent at in front of the television, I have uncovered a great secret, Its not that great a secret, if you watch half the TV i do, it’ll become apparent to you too.

Advertisers have discovered that a product sells not because of the uniqueness of the product in itself, but by the how it is projected through the screen of an Apple Product, mostly the iPad, because as we are all well aware, everything looks good on an iPad Screen with improved resolution and the other said changes they have made to it. What other reason can explain what an iPad is doing in a detergent commercial, or a  toothpaste commercial, or a insecticide commercial, this must be the reason, it is possible that this is the reason these products are selling as well as they do. By common sense the new iPad really just belongs in an iPad commercial, but this is the product that is going to sell all other products too. If a marketer decides to showcase his product through the iPad then he is genius and should be truly awarded.

Likewise, there is a point to this blog post, please let me have the absolute pleasure of featuring one of the most important products in all of time


( I heard that is what its been called, I was not called over for the naming ceremony)

I hear its an awesome product, the pinks as pinker, the reds are redder, the blacks are blacker

The video is awesome is awesome

The audio is awesome

Reading while playing music on the iPad is awesome

The price is awesome

Reading is FREE! on the iPad

Browsing is awesome

Go to for more!

Reading is awesome ( Please read, you’ll get what I mean)

The  new iPad is awesome* on the new iPad is awesome!


* please do not consider this a product review for the new iPad, because really I am not in a position to advise you about it :), but if you feel like buying it, by all means please proceed.

* Photo courtesy

* please no- one sue me, thank you for your absolute kindness. 


Here is to absolute to craziness!


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