The Pregnant Lady from Upstairs

One of the great perks of working is that you have to get up early and run for the train.

We have a highly advanced public transportation system here in Dubai, it if was any more advanced we would be able to teleport( that statement is 50% exaggeration and 50% wishful thinking ), but that just means the more advanced the system, the more punctual you have to be, because in addition to everything else you have a case of a driverless train so even if you have to beg and beg for the train to wait for you, you would just be aimlessly talking to a computer who doesn’t really care if one lazy person is left behind .

But I take heart because I am not the only person like that in the world, there happens to be another, just that she is pregnant, she lives above us and I am convinced she is very distantly related to Usain Bolt. Of course the other part of my imagination has led me to believe that she was born with Nike sneakers, that is her armour and running is her special power, and the kid inside her is going to surpass every running/jumping/walking record ever set.  To her being pregnant is just another normal thing, just as insignificant as breathing, something that doesn’t seem to come in the way of her running.

Somedays I worry that the kid will just fall out ( God forbid that ever happens), and then there are other days that I feel an athlete and challenge her to a seat in the train.

But one thing I have come to realize is that because of her  my mornings are never dull or boring, and that life is good….

Just goes to show that some of  the perks of working is that you have to get up early and run for the train.

And So I run


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