The Case of the False Accusation

There is something amazing about how awesome my imagination gets anytime I am far away from a keyboard and a screen, every morning all these random and interesting thoughts flood my mind. and I can think of a million ways to make my blog ever more interesting, all the way to getting freshly pressed and awarded and things like that. In my mind I have must have made that journey a thousand times. Yet every time I sit infront of the keyboard I can only see the cursor blinking, mocking at me, saying stupid things like “so you think you have a blog” .

I think the cursor on my computer has the most condescending personality ever, but the truth of the matter is that I have been blaming the wrong guy for the wrong thing.

Its a case of false accusation.

The truth of the matter is that there is only one thing to blame for my not writing so much : MEMES.

Anytime I log on, that is all I want to do,

there are

1. Country themes memes,

2. Character based memes,

3. Life themed memes,

4. Activity based memes.

They are EVERYWHERE, and it has become my unwritten dream to read all of them and laugh at all of them, make some of them and if  possible have a database of all of them,. They are so entertaining, and witty and genius and funny and ….. you get the picture….. Ofcourse if this post is about MEMES no doubt I should attach one to make you see what is taking up all of my time, but I won’t because if I start looking for one, this post will probably never get published, my blog will never get more interesting like the one I have in my mind and everything around me will just fall apart.

So in true human fashion, like any other human being, I am blaming it on the MEMEs.

Like A Boss!




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