How to make lots of Money

Step No 1: Be a genius at computers and tech stuff, if you know what C++ stands for, you’re probably a genius.

Step No 2: Think of a genius idea

Step No 3: Start a company

Step no 4: Add some more genius ideas, patent all of them without thinking and sell like crazy.

Step No 5: Have a really smart lawyer, this is really important.

Step No 6: Because your idea is in the genius category, lesser geniuses will copy it, incase you get to know, without wasting time sue all of them for infringement, hold a big press conference, talk trash about how others are stealing from you.

Step No 7: If you’re lawyer is any good, then you’ll probably get a lot of money if not then no worries go to step No 8

Step No 8: In case no one really cares about your ideas or even wants to challenge you about it,  try and sell it off, probably for something more than a billion dollars

Step No 9: If step 8 doesn’t interest, create a whole lot of speculation in the market by saying random things, and over time people will be crazy enough to believe you, then get your company listed on a big shot stock exchange and say to yourself I have made it.

Step No 10: If you are succesful in either of the above, you would have made a whole lot of money and you are now ready to retire, in case retiring is a boring concept to you, then you go back to step one and start all over again.

Disclaimer: In case Step no 1 doesn’t apply to you then you probably have to search for something else to do , like get a Job 😉

Just saying


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