2 minutes

Something absolutely crazy that happened last night. In 2 minutes 44 years of football history was changed forever. That is a long time of waiting, a long test of patience and hard work and desire.

There was nothing logical about the match, There was no way you could have scripted it, there was no way you could have anticipated it, there was no way you could have imagined that 2 minutes would mean so much and would change so much. If you are a Manchester United player or a supporter, like me you wish you would have seen it coming, but nothing in the world could have prepared you for it.

Its amazing how people can be so moved, can be so inspired, can be so angered …. football is a sport that can literally make you cry and no matter who you supported, when you saw the field filling up with those Man City supporters you would have cried, because it was a victory that they fought very hard for and they really deserved it, every minute of it.

I loved it when they interviewed City manager about why they won, he  said something to the effect because we wanted it.

As simple as that.

So congratulations to the players and the supporters and everyone else who witnessed this.

But Something exciting happened last night, Manchester City won the premiership league after 44 years of trying, and gave us 2 minutes that we would never forget.


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