Define Hope

Define Hope

Hope : Anticipation of Something Good.

I don’ t know if its possible to live without Hope, without excitement, without anticipating the good things. I think that is one of the great difference between existing and living. No matter the situation, to hope for the best in that situation, and when you begin to see things gradually start to change, you can’t really help but feel so inspired. I love being inspired, going to work early in the morning inspired, full of expectation and anticipation of the good thing that happen.

One thing I have learnt is that of you never expect something to happen, you never create a space for it in your life and ultimately it doesn’t happen to you. But it has to start with you, when you expect the best out of yourself and you deliver it,  it leads to being able  to create a space for others to live up to the expectation you have for them and they will.. If you expect a existence, you’ll just exist but if you expect to live, then you’ll live.

So I will always live in exception, in anticipation that good things will happen to me, because once you really believe that, you will live in a state of absolute gratitude. But what do you do when things don’t go the way you thought they should have, then you smile and tell yourself that it is not over until you have the result that you are looking for, when things take a downturn, pick them up again and reconstruct it to the way you imagined it to be, let your hope be tested, let your patience be put through fire, and know that these aren’t happening because you were meant to fail but because this is the only way it will withstand the forces that want to burn it down.

Proverbs 23: 18

For surely there is a future hope, and your expectation shall not be cut off.

 This is how we were meant to be .

To a life full of hope!


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