Thank You to the 51 people. I am grateful

WordPress has just informed me that I have 51 people following me.

I am estatic.

I believe in celebrating every major milestone, and this one is a big one for me.

Thank you, for following me, its been a great pleasure interacting, sharing and talking to you. Thank you for the patience and your time to listen to my thoughts, for liking, for commenting and for reblogging. It has been an absolute delight sharing my world with you. You have given me the reason to believe that anything is possible,and given me a reason to return to this platform and open my  heart to you.

Thank you for inspiring me. I hope to continue to be here for a long time, never letting the conversation stop or get dreary.

Living one day at a time, infusing that same life, one post at a time.

I wish you a great week and a great month ahead

To achievements and to You!


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