Steve Jobs the Biography: What is it about?

Its About Steve Jobs. No seriously, it really is.

But besides that, in the threads of this fabric you will find so much more, that is hard to describe and even harder to forget.

If I had to sum it up, it would be this.

It is a story of absolute audacity.

It is a story of mistakes.

It is story of absolute  foolishness.

It is a story of you’re most  precious possesion being snatched away from you

It is a story of stumbling as you face sheer cruelty

It is a story of getting back up on your feet

It is a story of many lessons

It is story of a love that a man has, a love that nurtures that dream in his heart, but his love has a darker effect burning down that which he created and he has to rebuild it, a journey that would make him wiser and stronger, one that forces him to grow up, and earn back what was taken away from him.

It is a story of  having a dream that envelopes the whole world, a dream that changed the world.  I like that.

It is a story about being driven, driven to attaining excellence irrespective of the cost.

It is a story of redemption

There is something so engaging about this book. It has crazy characters, even crazy plots and the journey of one man who literally grows up as you go through the pages.  I have never really been into reading biographies, firstly because there is more of a descriptive kind of writing rather than conversational kind of writing that I enjoy.But all credit goes to Steve Jobs, he picked the right story teller to tell an amazing story.  No one else could have written a a more compelling story than Walter Isaacson did. As I went through it was as though I was watching a documentary. I was obsessed for a reading each and every word, going through each and every page, living each day witnessing what I believe is the playground of the Kings.

But mostly it is a story of  a life, that will impact your own as you read through his words you will smile when he wins, you will think he is stupid when he acts arrogant, you wish you could hit him when he does wrong, you will cry when he was brought to his knees, you will feel victorious when everything turns out for his good.

I am not telling you to read the book. I am just telling that maybe if you ever need some inspiration, this is what you should have in your hand.

To People who change our world.


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