Who influences you?

I Just read through the entire list of 100 most influential people in 2012 according to TIME  today.

It left me amazed.

I can’t believe that most of the people influencing the entire world like billions of them are people who are actually under 40, and they are influencing people in ways you cannot imagine. They have all started small but the impact they have had is anything but small.

There is one Saudi Arabian Women who is featured on the list for driving in the country, something that led her to be jailed, but it has a started a whole new movement, then there is the woman in pakistan spreading awareness about the women who have had acid thrown on them, there are the doctors and the politicians, there are the dreamers and the authors.

They are just normal everyday people, most of them anyways, but they have this dream for the whole world not just themselves, and I guess that is what makes them different.

It makes you wonder.

Anything is possible.


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