…..But Love endures….

As is with every month, I set my goal for the month of march to which was to live in the  words of  1 Corinthians 13:4

Love endures long and is patient and Kind

love never is envious nor boils over with Jealousy,

is not boastful ot vainglorious,

does not display itself haughtily..

Needless to say the minute you make such resolutions, your will and your faith, your promise and your strength are all tested. It is not failure, it is resistance, friction to increase the degree of your progress, not failure which is to bring you down. Such a difference does exist. I felt that friction from the first minute I had made up my mind, I had a different kind of March madness going on.

But bigger the exam just implies bigger the promotion.

There was a constant fight going on within to react, to argue, to talk back, to lash out , to get angry but the only response was God’s constant reminder to me…. But love endures.

Never have those words taken on such a deep meaning, never have they become the reality of my life than they did in the minutes and hours and moments of March. It was a moment of deep realization to the strength and quality of love you can have, its intensity and its tolerance.

Its very hard to love, its only the very courageous that can really do that.

It will test you on every level of your being and before you take any step, before you say the thing that is in your mind, before your lift your hand to do something , in anger, or jealousy, or frustration or in spite….. the only thing you should remember and live by is that But Love endures

It takes a whole lot of courage, it takes a whole lot of strength, it takes every fiber of your being to take a control of the situation, to leave yesterday where it belongs in yesterday, it is very difficult to look someone in the eye right after they have done something against you and be normal with them, It takes all the energy you have to stop yourself from going into a rant about the stupid things a person is capable of , it takes all your energy to ignore it and pretend like it never happened….The only thing that sustains you is the whisper in your heart …. But Love endures.

So if you are in that challenging situation, where you want to know the reason why you should continue doing what you are… just remember But Love endures,  that is reason enough, its the only word that will keep you going..

To all the encouraging whispers in your heart



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