How to catch more sleep!

After all these years I have finally understood the secret….. to catching extra sleep, that 5 minutes that you so long for but cannot seem to get.

What they say is a secret is not really a secret because it is in plain sight for everyone to see, the only thing is that it is a promise that has been given an ugly name : Discipline ( Obviously boring people were involved in the making of this!)..

The following has been a practice of the disciplined people for centuries now, only we thought that they were being really disciplined and responsible but they are in fact the laziest people whose life mission is to catch some more sleep. Lets examine how to do that.

1. Iron your clothes the night before ( this is sure to save you at least 10 minutes, or more depending on they type of clothes, your ironing ability and of course the level of crisp in the clothes you expect)

2. Have a Long Shower the night before ( so that in the morning you don’t really have to be that extensive about it, or not)

3. Have your bag ready to go ( so that you don’t have to spend that time in the morning trying to find your keys and your wallet and your phone and your children!, and that time can be spent in the loving arms of your bed)

4. Decide your breakfast the night before ( to save time) or else always stick to the cereal in the morning ( however boring they may sound)

5. Always stick to the schedule, trying to cut down the time you waste doing useless things like brushing your teeth and having your breakfast and talking to people in the elevator, which can be used else where……. under the covers.

So that is the secret that I am so generously sharing with you, because the truth is that sleep is never enough, if there is something that needs to be conserved and protected and preserved… It is sleep…… It is a serious issue…. seriously!

To all the sleep deprived people in the world, I hope my blog and high concentrated coffee finds its way to you : ) ……..


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