Figuring out your passion…

There is something deeply stirring about working with passionate people.

It used to make me wonder, what drives them to do the things they do , and why they pour their heart and soul into something. They always stand out in a crowd and their energy is always infectious. Blessed that I am, I have always been surrounded by such people, who think that sleeping and eating and the basic needs are too trivial for them to even bother about.

They sit there, their mind focused on the thing that they are working on, always building the foundations, always perfecting their work, always making an impact. Like a patient artist, adding color to his canvas, waiting for it to come to life, the way it already exists in his mind. and finally after wondering for such a long time, i figured it out.

People are passionate, all of us are, some show it, some don’t if you look closely you will find it. But they are always driven by the need to go further, to be better, to improve and never stop, because that is never an option.



It is their meduim of expression, it  is their way of communication, it is their meduim of contribution, their love for what they do, is their means of being that someone who they were meant to be, some are subtle like that of writer with a pen in his hands, and some others are like those standing behind a pedestal, mesmerizing the crowd with their words and their voice.

How do you know what you are passionate about?

1. It is that thing that you fiercely defend

2. it is that thing that you work on and work on, until you get it right

3. It is that thing that warms your heart

4. It is that thing that you takes life from your own life.

5. It is that thing where you find the pieces of your life so intricately stitched together.

6. It is that thing that you know that you will spend your whole life doing, and you will never regret it.

7. It is that thing that is big enough to involve the whole world.

8. It is that thing that people will remember you by

9. it is that thing that represents your deepest and most purest of imagination and heart.

10. It is that thing that no one can ever take away from you, no matter how hard they try.

What’s your passion? what is that thing that you hold so firmly, and invest your heart and soul in?

To the things we love and help us express that same love!

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