Believing in the Best of People: Measuring Charecter

It matters what you say behind a person’s back, it really does, it is a measure of your charecter more than anything.  If  all a person can talk about is how horrible another person is and the terrible things they do, then it just goes to show how petty, small minded and unforgiving they are, but if a person is able to defend, and always talk the best about another person, it just displays the magnanimity of that persons soul.

I believe it is one the telling points of who a person really is and who they really are.

Its very easy to talk behind someone’s back., criticize them as much as you want to, vent out all you want, but ultimately it doesn’t benefit anybody. Forget about it being morally wrong, and unethical, I think its at times like these when people go on ranting, they are in an attempt to show how they are superior to the person being criticized, and in that they forget what it is to be human.

Its funny how people forget how to be merciful, yet expect others to extend mercy to them, how they do not forgive, yet they cannot comprehend how others do not f0rgive them and hold grudges against them.

But I’ve come to understand this, that if you cannot say something good about a person ( in his absence), then it is better no to say anything at all,  because words do carry weight, they are important…And if you do have a problem with someone and if its possible to talk to them about it, then should but if you can’t let the pieces fall where they may, don’t go picking them up and analyzing each and every bit, because accept it or not, it is not going to make a bit of difference to them, it can only make you more miserable. There are better things that we can do, better ways to get the message across. There is always a better way….

To always believing  in the best of people………

Have a great day!


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