Joy explained in the simplest of terms

1. Getting to sleep 5 minutes extra in the morning

2. Travelling seated early in the morning on the bus/train

3. Hot cup of coffee/Tea

4.Not having to wake up to an alarm on a weekend

5.The comic strips in the morning paper

6.Fully charged Phone

7. Getting everything right at work

8. Someone saying thank you for something you did

9. The perfect song that keeps your day going

10. Water Sprinklers that cast rainbows all across lawns and gardens as you walk past them

11. The gentle breeze

12. A stranger smiling at you for no reason other than he can and he is.

13. Dancing to the music inside your head

14. Someone wishing you good night

15.Getting side parking right  ( or any parking for that matter)

16. Someone unexpectedly remembering you

17.A happy memory that makes you smile everytime

18. Having extra change for chocolate

19. No one stopping you from eating chocolate

20. An open window

That’s it, it’s as simple as that.

Here’s to the small things that are the really important things, the stuff overwhelms you and makes you a little more joyful.



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