Guitar beginner

Its been almost a month since I first picked the guitar and began strumming. I thought I would never make it this far, turns out if you set your mind to something, you will achieve it. So for the first few days all I ever did was just removing the guitar from the case and just let it be, eventually I picked it up , after I got over the pain, and the mind blocks, it became much more easier and enjoyable.

Apparently, the pride of a guitar player is the calluses on his/her hands, before beginning I had always assumed that it was something ugly, when I heard calluses I always imagined and associated it with that creepy Davy Jones guy from pirates of the Caribbean ( don’t ask me why)…but a guitar cannot give a weird self-moving beard, so I thought I’d risk it, and now I understand why calluses are so loved. Mine are just forming, supposedly you are have to cultivate them ( like as though they are vegetables in the garden) but I put it down as conditioning your hands to play. My finger tips are horribly disfigured, and I have to keep very short finger nails, but other than that I am very proud of the development, its like a badge that I carry around proudly.

I learnt all the basic chords ( Except F and B) and chord progressions and I can ever play and I can even sing to what I am playing, although those who have heard me say my playing sounds nothing like the original song, which is why I am still a learner and they are making tons of money playing for people who want to listen to them. So for now, all I keep searching for all those songs that don’t have F and B chords in them, trying to avoid them like a plague, but it turns out that the songs which were the reason for my wanting to play in the first place are full of F and B chords, so there is nothing for me to do except go through with it.

One of the ways to learning faster was to learn Christian worship songs, they are the easiest to play and also you have so much fun doing it, so every morning I get up and say ‘Good morning Father, Hold on let me sing for you this morning’, we start the morning that way.



Here’s a list of songs any beginner can play, it is only as easy as you think it is.

(Disclaimer: Please note that the following list of songs do not contain any F and B chords or variations or relations or any connections to those Chords.I triple checked, these are the links to where you can find the chords for these songs)

1. Running to stand still: U2

2. Somebody’s Me: Enrique Iglesius

Worship songs:

1. Breathe : Michael W Smith

2. Agnus Dei : Michael W Smith

3.Worthy is the lamb: Darlene Zschech 

4.More love, More power : Michael W Smith 

5.God of Wonder : Chris Tomlin

6. I stand Amazed : Sinach*

7. Jesus is alive : Sinach*

8. You make my life so beautiful : Sinach*

9. Lord you are more precious than Silver

10. Nothing but the Blood 

* for those songs I ll tab it and post it later.

Hope this is useful for whoever is in search for this kind of Information.

till then,

Here’s to learning new things


3 thoughts on “Guitar beginner

  1. And thats a beauty, You have started believing in yourself and are going for the thing that you really want to do, without worrying about anything else…..

    Will wait for a link to watch you play guitar, and a ticket to your live performance :)….

    All the best!! and enjoy……

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