Falling for CNBLUE

Lately my playlist has been taken over by the Koreans,much to the amazement of the people around me. Its on repeat/replay/loop setting ensuring that the music just doesn’t stop.

I’ve heard them enough to even memorize the words, and after much searching I know exactly what I am singing ( Loudly with headphones stuck in my ear) with everyone staring crazily in my direction.

I think one of the better bands is CNBLUE. They are really nice, and their love to create something moving is so obvious and you can really hear it in the music they make. It is not at all K-pop craziness. They are something really different. Its a reflection of their hard work, emotion, and just crazy love for music. By chance I happened to watch the Making of the Artist: CNBLUE episodes and I fell in love with them even more. Their sense of camaraderie, the way they support each other, their honesty, its clearly visible and very heart warming.

Here it is 

And one of my favourite versions of the song from the Drama Heartstrings.. I enjoyed this so much.

And the other song which happens to be in english. 😀


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