Lessons Learnt : Birthdays and Gift Shopping

Birthdays are great, especially if its your own, but what is not good about birthdays are gift shopping especially if the you understand the complications of the following equation

     Birthday +    5 year old cousin    +    Gift  +          Big mall +         Time constraint =   Crazy person ( ME)

     Occasion          Person                  Object              Place                   Variable                    Result 

I have never faced a more challenging task than this, to take up something like this, I never should have volunteered to do it, but being the big sister, i thought why not. This only led me to be the most clueless big sister. What do you get a 5 year old, when you have no idea about what 5 year old in the year 2012 really want. What do they want? I may never know… That is the only conclusion, but while I was moving from one store to the other.. I learnt a lot:

1.Gift Shopping for your younger cousins is more of an educational trip that can drive you crazy

2. You should NEVER EVER go alone for these kinds of trips…… cluelessness is best when shared!

3.Hello Kitty has discovered all the different shades of Pink in the world and she is not afraid to use it

4. Dora and her gang has taken over every store. She is watching you everywhere you go along with her other buddy Sponge Bob Square Pants ( which is the Boy version of Dora because of their conquering ways)

5. Store attendants can really help you, especially when you are in the same place for about 3 hours trying to make up your mind

6. 5 year old’s love anything that has the following combination Pink+ Glitter ( everywhere) + Snow White (???).. It is difficult to understand…..

7. Kids can unwrap presents faster than the fastest thing you can imagine.

8.The Kid doesn’t really care about what you get them, as long as it looks really big and is wrapped up in the shiniest of wrapping paper. Only they are allowed to Judge by appearance

But after all the hours I spent, the numerous SOS calls made to friends, I did manage to get here something that she liked, and nothing compared to see her tear the packaging out with such violent force, ( which makes me believe she would be good at self defense, no training needed), only to smile as she held her Hello Kitty Bag,…. and it was shiny and pink and she loved it and hopefully it will be of some use to her.

So all in all a very successful Day out! :)….

To All the things that don’t kill you but only make you stronger ( ……gift Shopping included) and love for sisters……

…..Have a great Weekend…


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