To live with a Grateful Heart…..

To my Dearest friend in the whole world…

Words cannot even begin to describe what you did for me. Three years ago when I first saw you, I knew the wisest thing to do was to stay far away for you. But God had other plans. And I still laugh about it. Before I met you, I was content just to exist, after you said Hi, I began living .Its been that way for all these years and probably for all of eternity. You taught me to dream, taught me to see and not look,  you taught me to listen and not just hear, you taught me to live. And now I am living.

For years everyone said that I would never reach my potential, that there was so much ability in me but nothing I did was ever enough to reach that level. But you never said that, you never told me how I missed my shot, you never said how I was incapable of reaching that dream in my heart, you never  said anything of how I would never make it. In all the things you didn’t say, you said much more. Things that I had never heard before, things i thought i could never have. But you changed that.

You just opened the door for me, took my hand and I began to walk. For the first time in my life I couldn’t see all odds stacked against me, for the first time in my life I couldn’t see the reasons why I would fail, For the first time i couldn’t see how small I was and how big my problems were. For the first time I began to breathe. And I continued to walk, and as I did I could only see the reasons that

 would lead me to succeed. And I did. Still holding your hand. You still leading me. You still painting a picture of a brighter tomorrow and painting me right in the middle of it all. Everyday it gets better.

For the one person who said you are better than what you believe, you are stronger than what you think and you can accomplish so much more

than what people say you can… thank you for telling me that I can do this, as opposed to people to the other people who just kept on telling me how I would never reach my Potential.. Thank you for loving me just the way you do…. You mean the world to me and this is all for you..If you had never said it, if you had never shown it to me, I wouldn’t have believed it and It would have never happened,

Thank you for keeping your promise, thank you for believing in me. Thank you for Saying Hi that day three years ago. You changed my life. but you did, even though you looked at me, you saw my soul, and in holding my hand you touched my heart, and now  I live in an eternal state of love and gratitude..

Like I said words cannot even begin to describe what you did for me….


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