Job Hunt: classified Style

Applying for Jobs takes a lot of effort, and intelligence, fore-sight and a partner. Please do not take my Advice, this post is not likely to benefit you in any way other than to make you going through the classifieds can be bit tiresome, amazingly I have company, My very able and smart brother ( who I am not allowed to blog about, but as if that has stopped me from doing it).. so after going through the whole of the classifieds , we see if there are anyother jobs that I may be capable of doing..this is a run down of how we finalize where I should/shouldnt apply

The postion:  Cleaning Supervisor

Me:  This looks interesting

My Brother ( MB) : You can’t clean anything

Me: Turn page, no comment


Position: Security Guard

Me: I can totally be a security guard

MB: You don’t have muscles and you can’t run and no one would trust you with a Gun or even a stick for that matter

Turn page


Position: Maths and Physics Teacher

Me: I am a very good teacher

MB: this would be good, if only you knew what maths and physics is all about, do you even know the laws of motion?


Position: Copywriter/marketing

Me: This sounds like me

MB: do you even know what copy writing is ??

Me: Turn page


Position: Grafiti Artist

Me: Grafiti Artist

MB: Do you want to get arrested? plus there is no job advertised like that, don’t make up your own jobs

Me: but i totally fit it

MB: If they ever advertise for it, we’ll send them your CV


Position: Warehouse Assistant

Me: This is exactly what I studied for

MB: You have to be a male for this, are you even reading the same classifieds as I am

Me: So I am not suitable for the position?

MB: Not really, you lack the necessary qualifications

Me: Because of my degree?

MB: I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with this…

Me: Next page then?


For sale: Porsche Carrera 215,000 Dhs only/

Me: How about this? its only 215,000, and they put only…..

MB: It yellow, its a 2008 model, its looks disgusting but that’s not even a major issue here….Get a @$%^!”£%*%  Job first!

Sadly that is the end of this story… till tomorrow that is…hehe

Till then 🙂


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