On the other side of the Border

It’s always exciting when someone comes to visit from the US. Its as though they have returned from outer Space. I think anybody would be excited if someone came to visit them  from outer Space ( with the exception of blood thirsty yet technologically advanced Aliens). The conversations that follow can sometimes be hilarious and leave you wondering.

Its fascinating. Its Very Very Fascinating how people who don’t live in the US know more about the country than the people who actually do, when you bring up the topic they frown at you asking you questions like ‘Really? I didn’t know that, and you are wondering if they are living under a rock. It was the same situation when my friend came to visit, of all the intelligent topics of discussion we started talking TV and Drama, and I couldn’t just understand what she was trying to say, while I was talking in terms of True Blood and Burn Notice, the Big Bang Theory she was more on the lines of Lost, Smallville and the like…. This is a exerpt of that..

My Friend: I just finished The Lost Series

Me: The Lost Boys of Neverland or the other Lost, where some people are stuck on an Island? ( Just to make sure that I am on the same page as her)

My Friend: No, No The Other Lost, you know..

Me: But the Lost have been Found like years ago! Not really sure about the Lost boys of Neverland but the people stuck on that Island thing have been found, they are now cast in other movies and series-es

My Friend: Yeah, it was exciting to finally get to that point.

( at this point I am wondering what to say, to not sound weird or obnoxious)

Me:  What made you watch that, there are so many other things to see

My Friend: Yeah, but I was recovering from tooth extraction and didn’t really have anything much to do you know…. In a few days I am going to watch Roswell, this time I have to complete it….

I just nodded my head and welcomed the silence that followed after….

Which gets me thinking its not really anyone’s fault, we are not as interested in the place we live than people tend to believe. People ask me if I have seen the Burj Khalifa, its very hard to ignore the tallest building in the world, I mean you can see it from everywhere in the city, so I’ve seen it but then not like analysed every part that makes Burj Khalifa what it is. But I get it, to them it is a vacation but to us its really just the place where we live. We are used to it. Fascinated sure, but not as much as the going crazy over it.

The same is true when we go to India, on vacation,we are so up to date with everything, it can be slightly embarrassing..

Random People ( RP): So I heard the carnival in Goa was cancelled this year

Relatives: Yeah… sad stuff, but what to do things like this keep happening ( Clueless, with no idea of anything)

RP: What did you’ll do then?

Relatives: Nothing much.. You know usual

RP: Very sad.. those children dying and everything, even the compensation wasn’t enough ,only 2 Lakhs

Relatives:Yeah as if 2 lakhs is enough, have you heard about that Saif Ali Khan issue going on?

RP: Yeah, its everywhere but what are you going to do, Actors and all….. they are all just a crazy Bunch of people….as if acting is a respectable profession…..( after a few minutes of pondering ) By the way lets go catch a movie now that we are here…

Me: (with my eye brows raised, whisper to myself)



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