Kids of the 90’s

I am proud to be a 90’s kid, the one that started the 1990’s and now looking back ( better late than never) I feel I had a good time ( no this is not a sour grapes story its the absolute truth). While Kids of the 2000’s ( I am wondering what they are going to be called) have some pretty good stuff going on for them, I think I really enjoyed growing up in the years Idid, with no wi-fi, bluetooth, youtube or even Computers in extreme cases.

As Kids of the 90’s there are those distinct things that will always make us smile….

1. Cartoons: we had the best cartoons ( not Tom and Jerry) with much drama and action and we loved it because there was little else we could do with our time Pokemon and SwatKats included!

2. Tamagotchi: we used to carry our mobile pets around all over the place, feeding them and killing them and taking care of them.. resurrecting them  until it was no longer possible because of the death of the battery

3. Help Assistants in Ms Office: that funny animated creature that was so annoying but somehow Ms Office was fun because of that

4. Minesweeper and Tetris: The only 2 games that people could play for hours and hours and hours setting records and resetting the console because it couldn’t take it anymore

5. Mobile Phones that came loaded with apps that you could spend hours and hours of time on and on… and endless fun trying to direct the snake to eat the blinking dot on the screen

6. Floppy Disks and VHS : Video cassesttes that had to be re-wund every time you saw it, then removing the film and spending hours trying to reel it back in after finally admitting that the VHS has indeed passed away. Thinking back I can’t imagine that we lived through the times when you couldn’t even store a whole song on a floppy Disk.

7. Backstreet Boys: My first love…. even though they look so tacky now, they really made me move..{Everybody…Yeahhhhh! Work your body yeahhhhh…….} Sure whatever

8. Email-  forwarding awesome and sometimes stupid non-sense mails, chain letters and animated cats ( that just don’t want to die ). I seriously miss forwarded emails.

9. Cool: Everything was cool, that was the word that described our existence. Now its been replaced by the word Epic  and Friggin awesome but everything about us was just cool!

10. Bell- Bottom pants: Suddenly everyone was wearing extremely wide and horribly tacky bell-bottom pants thinking its the coolest thing ever

11. Mobile phones with mile long antenas and polyphonic ring tones that made us seem soo cool!

12. Dial-up connection: Not being able to talk to people on your landline because of the phone would be engaged

13. Getting the first computer and being excited when you could watch it do functions like defragment and disk clean

14. Recording:  songs and talks from FM radio and then making mixed tapes,Piracy is not new! lol

15. Posing properly for every photograph so as to not waste the film, and then waiting impatiently for photos to be developed.

The kids these days have a whole lot of good things, even most of the items I have mentioned have feature as some of the worst inventions ever but thinking back my childhood was fun, and someday it’ll be subject to alot of ridicule by the generation that follows us, but I guess that’s ok.

What do you remember from the 90’s?


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