Games and Guitars: Lessons learnt

When you think of moving outside your box, you are faced with two great challenges  one you are going to succeed, and the other is you are going to fail horribly.

When I think about it, I guess the fear of winning is sometimes more dominant than the fear of losing. After all even if you loose its relatively more easy to get back up than when you win, but when you win you are faced with what to do from there. But all this wondering and pondering seems to be only when you first begin the journey, and fear only paralyzes while faith propels.

The first step is hardest to take.

When you look at the world from your doorstep it looks vast enough to drown you but when you are in the middle of it all then it doesn’t seem so overwhelming and after a certain point you know that you have it in you to continue and complete what you began.

Its always a journey to get to that place, where you get tough enough where nothing intimidates you anymore because you have grown past fear, and gone past being frightened by what lies around you. You’ll be afraid of your first steps but as you move on, you’ll not stop walking, you’ ll get hurt in the first few days, but you’ll heal with thicker skin and sense to watch out for the danger, but no matter what happens if you keep walking and refuse to stop you’ll come to the place where you know that you know that you know that you have it in you to complete what you started.Its at that point you begin to see the straight path that will lead you to the finished line and there is nothing big enough to take you down there because you have everything you need to defeat and destroy it.

I learnt all of this while playing games and the guitar. Imagine that!

And its only been like 2 weeks…. 🙂


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