A little bit of Colour

Nothing is as exciting as a blank Canvas. Its just a white space waiting to be filled. Nothing is more exciting as the moment your imagination takes over, its at that point in time when its not a blank white space anymore but the image that is in your head. And then as you chalk out the outline, you can just see colour that is going to fill it all up, and you know exactly what it is going to look like. and then you begin,carefully adding paint and colour to it. Halfway there it looks nothing like what you imagined it to be, people around you begin to wonder what you were trying to do and some say its not going to work but you push on and you keep at it, your brush still in your hand, your imagination as vivid as before. As you soldier on, you find ways to tweak it, to add and remove, sometimes you just let it lay somewhere for days, just let it be and then you have another go,you change it, and you paint it a different colour, when you continue to work on it, with every bit of everything that you have, you eventually come to something that you are proud of, that you can’t help but wonder as to how you even got to here. And you say to yourself there is no way it can get better than this, but the best part of this is that it really does.

Just completed this today!


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