6 Strings, a Pick and a Whole lot of Sound

I have always been interested in Music,every since I started learnt playing Mary had a little lamb with two fingers on the piano, I always wanted to learn it, but situations and circumstances didn’t permit and I gave up, now my keyboard sits somewhere hidden from a live of shame and uselessness. But piano wasn’t even the first instrument i wanted to learn, it was just what the other kids were doing so i got into it, and ultimately left…. What I want to learn is the guitar, I have always been fascinated by the guitars and something about the sound it produces makes me smile a whole lot.. even guitar players seem to be different kind of people, more soulful, more thoughtful… more musical….. So I am going to learn it, for real this time, I am going to learn giving little thought to the time, the effort and pain and everything else that has always stopped me from doing it before.   I figure its never to late to start….. Its always a good thing to learn something new……

Here’s to learning new skills!


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