Unknown number of Steps to recover from a really bad haircut

Once in your life ( in my case more than once) you would have made a stupid decision to have a really stupid haircut. Its ok, it happens, the hairstylist has no sense of imagination, hair will ultimately grow out, time will take care of it this is what I have been convincing myself for the past one week now, But after spending my days in misery and regret I have devised a wholesome way to recover from a really bad haircut ( please do not take my advice, I really don’t want to be sued or anything, I spent all my money on my haircut)

Step 1 ( three days prior to the haircut): Randomly decide to have a radical haircut

Step 2 ( 2 days to to the haircut day): decide your not a radical person so really you don’t need a haircut, impulsive decisions don’t really do you any good anyways

Step 3 ( 1 day prior to the day): Decide this is your month of Commitment and you should really try something outside your comfort zone and be committed to that

Step 4: (the Day) find yourself parked in the hairdressers chair and she has the scissors in her hand and breathe in and say genius things like ‘ I bet she knows what she is doing’,’ Yeah just do what you think is best’ and ignore the creepy music playing in your head but listen to hair dresser gossip because that is the only reason you are sitting in that chair in the first place…. Gossip

Step 5: Watch your hair fall ( What the hell were you thinking)

Step 6: Ignore regret

Step 7: Resist the urge to scream and hit the hairdresser with her own curling iron as she advises you about the new keratine treatment she wants to on your now non-existant hair. ( what the hell were you thinking)

Step 8: Wonder what the hell were you thinking … for real this time

Step 9: Be ashamed to get out of the salon, google ‘ Are bunkers available for lease for the next 6 months’

Step 10: Decide now is not a good time to update ur profile picture and promise yourself not to blog about it… maybe in another six months….

Step 11: Cry…. there is nothing else, nothing else that can comfort you as effectively as tears

Step 12: Try all sorts of things on your hair and wonder if wearing a Hoodie in the summer months is going to be a bit extreme

Step 13: Accept it, because there is nothing you can do, just deal with it and tell people stupid things like ‘ Yeah i was going for change with this style’ , ‘ Its really fashionable …. (in the military)’, ‘no no my hairdresser has been deported due to immigration issues ( i made sure of that) so I really can’t give you her number’

Step 14: Decide not to be so bothered and obsessed about it, after all you are not a celebrity and no one is going to arrest you for having a bad haircut( Fingers crossed!) and then find the angle at which you look decent.

Step 15: Tell yourself Its ok, it happens, the hairstylist has no sense of imagination, hair will ultimately grow out, time will take care of it….. and smile a lot, to distract people from the hair…. it always works

Step 16: Blog about it and smile because everyone knows that this is not the first time and will not be the last either.In the next few months you’ll be able to laugh about it…

To Really bad haircuts and other crazy things we do!


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