In love with a song!

This happens to me all the time, and I am convinced that I am not the only strange person in the world even though I have people telling me otherwise, the thing is though that every few days I’ll find a song that i just love, and it’ll be on repeat all the time!, it just go on and on and on and on… ( and this goes on for a few days) until I am sick and tired and then I have to go and find another song. Recently after watching so many Korean Dramas, my music tastes have changed and now where there were song titles in my playlists there are just korean letters that no one can read!  Everyone around me is on the hunt for the medical term for this, they think something is wrong with me, but I disagree ( and keep my fingers crossed all the time and pray they never find it)…  there must be more people like this, and some may even be wierder than that….. till then though I going to enjoy it and i am going to celebrate my wierdness by listening to Without words ( You’re Beautiful OST)!

Cheers to weird-ities!


One thought on “In love with a song!

  1. I don’t think there is any thing “Weird” in that. It happens when you love music a lot. There are some songs and artists that have struck such strings within me that for few weeks, sometimes even months, they were the only thing I was listening to.

    Don’t worry about what people say. People around me call me Metal Freak, and other such names, but I love it the way I do it. So keep rocking……

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