Prescription Please!

Al Twar Park, DubaiIf anyone is married to their profession it is the doctors ( the medical kind), nobody has it as bad as they do. The minute people come to know that there is a doctor in the house they are lining up to get their diagnosis and searching for a pen to write out the prescription ( if the doctor in question isn’t already in possesion of one).

So anyways I was in a taxi this one time ( it was 4 in the morning, I was on my way to college which was about a 3 hour road journey) , with a mix of people, there was the doctor ( who incidently was a gynecologist) , a guy who had recently become a father, another guy who invested in setting up hospitals and me the annoyed ( due to lack of sleep and excessive medical jargon) student and ofcourse the sleep deprived speed freak of a driver who didn’t care if we were going to be road kill on the highway. So the introductions all went around, and nothing interesting about them until of course the doctor declared that she was infact a doctor. And suddenly everyone ( except me and the maniac driver) woke up and the conversation never ended.

The guy who had recently become a father went on to describe ( in excruciating detail the birth of his child), not sparing any details( which is an understatement) , he went on to tell us what exactly had happened, the time, the place, what his wife felt , what the wife’s doctor had felt, what his mother felt, what his mother-in-law felt ( at that point it felt like i was on first name basis with his entire family) it was as though I was there ( unwillingly), me being the only sensible person there was highly embarrassed for the woman who had just delivered the child, but that wasn’t all the father then went on to reveal the complications which only led to a free consultation and a doctors appointment later in the week.

I thought that finally we could all have some quiet and peace. But then I did say that the conversation never ended, and so it did not.

The investor guy then went to on give us a brief ( which lasted another 1 hour) history of his family diseases, what each member in his family were suffering from , the current treatments that they had under going, the name of their family doctor, the names of the nurses, the names of the ward boys ( because everyone knows these details are very very important for a diagnosis),  he was still talking when I reached my destination.

It was an eventful trip especially when it got over, but it makes me wonder  though what people will do to get a free prescription, its like they start inventing disease ( one gruesome over the other) just so that the doctor will see them Doctors have become our new favorite obsession and visiting them has become as frequent as grocery shopping. It feels like as though people way too much money and have no clue what to do about it.

The best defense sometimes is just to let it pass, let it go without worrying about what it is because it doesn’t take time only worry to turn a headache into a something really serious.

Sometimes what you really need is a minute of silence and the space to just breathe…. but that’s just me.


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