Veloster Love

Today I had a job interview, but this post isn’t about my quest for being employed, so anyways it was a very clumsy day, i dropped everything in my hand, it was as though my hands lost the will to hold anything anymore, they were staging their own little protest, but I took care of it before it got out of hand ( all the pun in the world intended here) ….. so after the interview I i decided to walk, and then another genius thought entered my mind   ( this does seem to happen frequently much to the amusement of others), I decided to go and look at my dream car (there is no charge for just looking) so I walked for an hour just to  get to where i wanted to go: Hyundai Showroom and as i entered there stood my dream car, just waiting for me. It was the perfect first love material, I just experienced a sudden burst of joy that left me smiling and the sales guy wondering. Even when I said the name Veloster, a kind of warmth started burning within me, the sign of good things.

In perfect black, sat my Veloster all shiny and sitting nicely on a blue carpet, for a moment I forgot the whole world as this car just occupied all my mind and thought and every other thing I could ever think of. I ‘ve always known that a great deal of difference exists between advertisment and reality, but this was everything I have ever imagined it to be.  So I went ahead and opened the door, ( it sounds so stupid, but really this is one of those slow motion moments that you want to keep on rewind and replay all the time because it is going to count as one of your great achievements) , so in slow motion ( about 500fps) I opened the door, and it was the most awesome thing in the whole world, Just looking at it, made my day.

It goes on sale in another 2 months and I can’t wait to be sitting in one of my own, when I do get my own, I ll be living in it day in and out, until some police guy arrests me, but just the thought is enough to make me smile, that and also Lee Min Ho drove the Veloster in City Hunter which is just an added bonus…

To First Loves and crazy impulsive genius thoughts.. Hope you have yours tooo!



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