Don’t know much but that’s just for the best…..

There are a lot of people who know a lot of things about a lot of things, they read so much, they watch so much, they listen so much, but sometimes I wonder what do they do with all that information, with all that knowing where are they going. Sometimes I think knowing too much can really get in the way of the  doing , it makes you frightened to experiment, it stops you from thinking outside the box, it makes you limit your imagination because you think that what you do has to conform to someone else’s idea of right, things have to fit the exact measurement, they have to match the standards, they have to have the same colour, they have to have the same shape, they have to have the exact same look, ultimately that just means that you have succeeded in being a photocopy machine of sorts. 

I think that people who don’t care much about facts and figures,measures and requirements are the ones that really go on to create something so awe-inspiring. The more it doesn’t fit the standard the better it is, we don’t need things that fit the standard, we need just need new standards, a few years ago who knew that wi-fi was even possible, who thought that it was possible to be online via phone even when the phone was one big brick that had a huge antena protruding out of it, who imagined there would be cars with 3 doors instead of the customary 4, who imagined vampires would be so friendly and crazy in love ( lol) ,but i guess someone did and that’s how we got here……

In ways its okay not to know so much, its okay not to be worried about not knowing, about not being up to date, about not knowing what’s going on in each and every corner of the world… ultimately its not what you don’t know its what you know that you haven’t told the world, its what you know that you express in your own unique way that will make all the difference in the world.

Who knows what you will find when you tip the balance just a little bit…..


2 thoughts on “Don’t know much but that’s just for the best…..

    1. Wow what a great honour for me!, thank you for your comment, it suddenly just made me very happy to know another Sabrina! I just went through your blog, its very interesting….. Cheers and all the best!

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