About Dreaming……

As told to me by another person. who had someone else tell him this same story ( i cannot mention his/her name as it has nothing to do with this post, but I am sincerely grateful for his/her contribution)….

Once Upon a time in an age where India didn’t have such awesome mobile internet connection there lived a family. The father was a Doctor and the mother was also a doctor, Now this family ( incomplete at the time) thought of adding another human being to the world population, being what they considered as academically advanced, they thought that their son was also academically advanced. He was. But as he grew up he was forced to love the stethoscope instead of the paint brush he used to love. One day in high school he scored horrible marks, something that wouldn’t allow him to join  medical school, but in India marks were something that could be raised with money, so the rich and very smart doctor-parents paid huge amounts of money and got the boy into med school, where he occupied space that someone who was really passionate about medicine wanted but couldn’t get. There he struggled day after day, doing the things he didn’t like, learning how to diagnose diseases and cure people, something that he didn’t just care about. Ultimately through the power of some more money he became a Doctor, and was expected to start practicing medicine. The patients poured in attracted by the the certificates that hung in his wall, he misdiagnosed many, didn’t care about the others and ultimately died a failure. although according to his parents and the world he did live the honorable life, he himself knew he wasted not only his life but the life of others……..

So that is the tragic story of the doctor- son who didn’t want to be the doctor that his parents wanted him to be. Money can get you a whole lot of things, it can make you a whole person, but sometimes what you want to be isn’t in the number written on the paper, its the dream that is in your heart, and if you decide to fight to keep that dream alive then the dream has found the right person… I hope the dream in your heart has found the right person to call home!


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