New month resolution #1 : Building Commitement

Being committed means to do serious follow through, to have stick-ability, to make sure you finish what you’ve started, that’s what I’ve always thought it was and that is what is really is… butthe idea has always scared me, and in many ways i’ve never really been able to stay committed. I’ve started with so many story ideas but they’ve jus been replaced with newer ones, leaving me no where close to progress, there have been promises that i know i should have stuck to but then something or the other and they are all up in a smoke ( Thank God that I have some really forgiving people around me though), but I think this is one of the biggest faults that I have. I have the ability to start something but some how in the middle of it all the will to finish it just vanishes.

Recently I’ve been watching Peter Jackson’s video diaries of on the sets of The Hobbit, and it looks like such a big and vast dream…. It inspired me, that people can have such a big dream, that they don’t give in mid-way. I’ve always wanted to do something that encompasses the whole world, that I would be able to do something that would really move people, make them think differently and want to live differently, but to that requires great heart, it requires loyality, it requires just sticking it out even when you don’t feel like it, so starting this month I am building commitment to ,  Godmy family, my relationships, my blog, my talents and my abilities, to myself and to life in all its entirety….

WordPress seems to be cheering me on, everyday it reminds me I have another 5 posts to go before I hit the 25 blog posts, and in the corner somewhere Brad Paisley sings,.anything that is everything starts with a little thing

To: one day at a time


2 thoughts on “New month resolution #1 : Building Commitement

  1. Wow, I really recognize myself in a lot of things you write here, although I am quite committed to things myself – it’s one of the things I am good at I think. I love the Hobbit and I can’t wait for the film to come out this year – and just reading the books by Tolkien and Rowling fills me with inspiration. It would be amazing to be like them, and give others something to think about, but I believe I am nowhere near ready to provide others with thoughtful insights yet, because there is so much more I have to learn myself.
    Anyway, good luck and remember, baby steps 🙂

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