My love for Clothes

Clothes and I have a mutual relationship, it is one of the best love stories in the world, the moment that I see them on the store shelf the only thing I hear them say to me is take me home with you, to which i can’t help but do that noble deed that has been asked of me. They love me too much and I don’t have to worry about how the jeans are getting jealous of the skirt or things like that, they don’t mind. But love is not fun if everything is happy and dandy ( I can’t imagine any other word that would fit here), so we have our own share of arguments and fights and sometimes it can lead to fatalities ( mostly the clothes not me). The argument starts when it is washing time, I strongly dislike washing clothes mostly because of the sequence of events that follow….I love my Clothes, hate that I have to fold them

I am the kind of person that generally just accumlates all my soiled clothes and then when she has nothing else to wear is forced and compelled to wash them ( don’t Judge), then it’s washing from dawn to dusk, this gave me a reputation at my college hostel and , it was called as the Sabrina’s monthly washing day…and Night)….. during those days especially in the summer months I would have to wear my turtle necks ( seeing as my summer clothes were drying )in the sweltering heat much to the amusement of my friends who knew exactly what was going on. All i ever want when those days come around is the say

oh ye mountain of clothes, be cast into the sea of detergent and fabric softner, get washed, put yourselves to dry, ironed and go and settle down in my wardrobe like civilized clothes do when they sit on store shelves..

What joy if that could happen.

The washing is even bearable, the challenge is really to get them to stay folded and civilized in that one shelf that I have, but it seems like there is a whole monster living in my wardrobe that loves to mess up all the folding that I keep doing

I hate to fold them and they hate to stay folded, this is the only low point of our love story, otherwise everything is great, but maybe a better alternative would be to wear clothes like the charecters in cartoons do, they never seem to have to change ot wash and they never get boring…… I am off to search for that genetically modified spider that will kindly bite me!


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