Good Bye 2011…. Welcome 2012

Someone asked me a few hours ago if I am ready to enter the new year , a few hours ago i wasn’t sure but now it doesn’t seem to be any reason to postpone it, or to avoid it, its time to move into the new year not that it is my choice but mentally I wasn’t so sure, with new opportunities, with new reason to hope, with a new reason to smile every morning… its been a great year, with everything I could ever hope for, with every reason to believe that in big and small ways I am truly blessed… its not what the year brings to you, its more important what you bring into the year…. That’s the way to go, so I am diving head first into the new year, believing with all my heart that this year is a chance to do great things, to be better, to learn more about people and about myself, to a year of more pimples ( God Forbid) , wierder scars, dreams fulfilled. promises unbroken, unending joys, and most of the time making a whole lot of memories …..

Have a great year ahead. saying good bye 2011 and welcoming 2012…. with arms wide open to breathe into the   promise of a new day!

Welcome 2012….

Till the next year,
God Bless you…… 🙂


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