My Letter to Santa Claus

Its funny how Christmas has come to be the day we celebrate Santa Claus, the most famous of the Claus family who was not at all born on Christmas day and did not at all come to save the world only became the guy who gives us free stuff just because we can ask it of him and he has no option but to oblige.

For the past three weeks my young and innocent ( this subject to change without prior warning) cousins have been insisting that I write my Letter to our dearest Santa Claus, asking him for the free stuff that I want this year. I haven’t done it as yet, it wasn’t intending to but I have run out of excuses seeing as I have a bunch of 6 year olds to answer when they accuse me of being lazy and procrastinating (in 6 year vocabulary ofcourse), so I decided to write the letter as a blog post, because after recent events it has become obvious that Santa gifted himself an iPhone 4s, surely he’ll be able to find my blog.

To my Dearest Santa Claus,

Thank you for visiting my blog,please feel free to leave a comment , in case you have a blog let me know so i can subscribe to that, same goes for a facebook page and a twitter account. I heard you have been extremely busy this year seeing as the world population is 7 billion and on the rise, congratulations on a job well done ( maybe its early to toast to you), My cousins say hi, they are big fans of you and your favourite Rudolph, hope he is in good health seeing as he must be as ancient as you are but you look like you are going stronger than before which can only mean good news.

As you very well know I have been very very good this year, exceptionally good( I even took a poll, even though the pollsters were all made up but that doesn’t nessecarily change the truth), seeing as you agree that I have been good, I think it is only fair that I as you for my Christmas present, you don’t even have to come to my house I can excuse you from that, all you have to do is to please change the world economic systems, please make more money available, make more jobs available, make more employers want to employ freshers like me. For Christmas please gift me a job, I don’t know whether it is possible for you but i would really like that.

My requirments would be something that I find challenging ( not too Challenging),please don’t get me to sell insurance/ credit cards or other horrible stuff but something that helps me make some friends, something that is within my capability, in case you need my resume please feel free to contact me, I can make it available to you immediately, the job needs to help me earn a living and save enough to fund my masters which I plan to do in the near future, i would prefer to be emplyoed here in the UAE or even India if there is such an option available, i would love to travel for my job and also give me a good boss and good co-workers, may be I am asking too much, but you see I didn’t ask you for anything last year and there isn’t anything about carry over presents ( or is there??)  so I figure this is allowed.. and when you do get me that job my facebook status will read : Employed @_______________ courtesy of God and Mr. Santa Claus ( seeing as God created both of us and ultimately has a lead role in my life you are going to have to share that space, deal with it!) which is free publicity for you… Apart from that there is nothing that I really want, just this simple wish, i know you’ll be able to do something about that.

Thank you in advance for reading this and getting me that job, and thank you for the happiness my cousins are going to experience…….

My best to Mrs. Claus ( I have yet to figure out what her First name is, but seeing as we are not on first name basis it doesn’t really matter)

Have a good trip this year.

Lots of Love,

Merry Christmas

Sabrina ❤

P.S. Almost forgot can you give us world peace as well, since this is not an individual request more like a global request you should really do something about it seeing as you have to maintain your street rep.

Till next year 🙂


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