Things I learned this Year

It would be difficult to describe the 2011 in one year, but if you really want to know, it was a trans formative year, i have learned alot, here is what I learned:

1. If you want people to be efficient don’t compliment them and then throw in a snide remark discouraging them, they’ll just be plotting against you.

2. Discouraging people come in every shape and size and nationality, but that doesn’t have to be a factor in your life

3. Doing the easy thing may sound easy, but easy isn’t always right and easy isn’t always what you want

4. Everything, and i mean everything looks good in HD format

5. Whatever doesn’t look good in HD looks awesome in A DSLR camera viewer( till the point you tranfer it to the computer, then everything is just messed up)

6. For every one good profile Picture you upload the person who doesn’t like you will upload more than 20 to take away the attention from your own profile picture( it doesn’t mean anything)

7. People are not really their facebook statuses.

8. You have the best friends in the world, if you mail them and they reply to your mail that is proof enough that they are there to watch your back

9. You have the best friends if they know exactly what you feel and what you mean even when you don’t say anything even when a couple of countries are separating you.

10.If you want to have a good time and want to watch a good movie, make sure it isn’t Captain America, because there is nothing interesting about a guy with a hot shot Zoomed in version of a frisbee

11. Korean Movies and Dramas were made to test every emotion you ever have, and your subtitle reading skills

12 Korean Dramas were made to teach how to deal with saying good bye

13. Trust someone and they will trust you back, be open to people and they will be open with you, expect help from unexpected places, because only when you expect are you ready to receive and when you are ready to receive only then you will get it.

14 Inspiring someone means letting them make mistakes, but being there to hold them incase they look like they are going to fall

15. Falling back in love with the people around you is important because everyone wants to be loved no matter who and every one wants somebody to love

16. When you are sad, don’t listen to sad songs they only make things much sadder ( is that even a word)

17. When you have a troubled heart Pray ( God will breathe relief and courage into your Spirit)

18. Don’t complain, Change what you don’t like

19.When you are thankful for something and for someone and you say thank you, you can feel God smiling at you and you can see that twinkle in his eye

20. Opinionated people are not always right, they just like to talk, talking does not make them experts

21. Choose what you listen to. Don’t let everything you hear enter your spirit.

22. Celebrate the people around you, leave notes and messages telling them how special they really are that is how you invest people around you.

23. Learning to drive needs guts and driving in itself needs nerves of Steels ( especially here in the UAE ) if your instructor says you can’t do it, don’t believe her, she doesn’t know everything.

24. Don’t ever believe it when someone says you can’t do something, that person doesn’t appreciate you enough to know that you can do anything you set your mind to.

25. Be thankful, be grateful, be full of love, be patient and understanding, be hopeful, be strong and spread this atmosphere all around you….. this helps more than anything in the whole world.


2 thoughts on “Things I learned this Year

  1. >>Opinionated people are not always right, they just like to talk, talking does not make them experts<<<<

    I know people that talk just to hear themselves talk. It's really funny when they take both sides.

    1. Yes, i know what you mean, its like they don’t even hear what they are saying…. it really makes me wonder what goes on through their minds and how far they think they can take their imagination… 😀

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