The Ideal life

Newton was right ( i think it was Newton who said it) when he said that thing about a body being in a motion, and continues to follow that motion until some external force comes and disturbs it….. as you can tell i was not that  attentive in Physics class. But when ever it heard that law I always thought of car crashes, funny how the brain works and associates stupid things with clever laws. I have had a bit of insight ever since i had ‘the cold’, not that they are in any way related but these couple of days got me thinking how much we strive to achieve the Ideal life.

We want to be rolling in excess wealth, be the owner of some big company, have high and influential friends, have a beautiful house, live in a beautiful city live a life that is advertised in those shampoo commercials or those cannon commercials.

When you think that way you are a body in motion and you continue to travel in that straight line and you think that having the ideal life is actually a possibility, then comes the external forces…European leaders who don’t have a clue about financial systems, bankers from whom we buy some pretty useless things, leaders who want to go to war because they are convinced they have to interfere in another country’s business, then there are jobs that you lose, there are jobs that you don’t get, there are classifieds that are shrinking, there are things you can’t afford to buy, there are people that betray you, people who change and don’t want the same things anymore, then there are the wrong decisions that you made, the wrong people you trusted … and in all that the body that was in in motion in a straight line is being tossed to and fro by the merciless external forces, and you are not even in motion again, sometimes you are stuck, sometimes you are in reverse motion, sometimes you are on the wrong track….but sometimes you need to thank the external forces because after all that has been said and done you’ve had the time of your life an there are things that you are grateful for , the people that stuck by you, the people that waited for you, the life that was ready to embrace you, your heart that accepted the changes, and God who parted the waters for you when you were facing the raging sea of doubt, discouragment, disappointment and dread.

There can never be the ideal life, its like advice that I got some years back where the person said you can have all the things in you ever wanted, you just won’t have them all at the same time because if you did, you find no need to move, to fight, and to live. Just like there cannot be a body in motion that is moving in a single straight line because the external forces just won’t let that happen, when friction starts to act, and we find ways to overcome friction then we feel like we’ve progressed and that we are moving. In all this maybe Newton wasn’t thinking about bodies, maybe he was thinking about human beings….. if that’s the case then i would say that Newton sure had some good thoughts….



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