Colds: Pros And Cons

For the past two days I have been feeling like a Human tap, the sole reason being that I have the cold. For me, its like an annual event, I have an awesome immune system, nothing gets to me and I love it that way. For the whole year my immune system will fight hard to resist everything, and then at the years end it gets a bit worn out, at exactly that time the Evil Cold bug will come and settle itself into my system making me the human tap. Tissues are just not enough, I eat Halls by the kilos and drink hot water by the tanker, i think i might have boiled  my insides by now, but still no effect…. I am still sniffing, still sounding like a angry old lady raging and fighting with blankets and air conditioning.

During this period of time though life gets a little bit better, people get a little more forgiving, they tend to ignore all the rubbish you say completely disregarding you on account that your mind is swimming in flem and other gooey stuff.

Then Love takes the form of soups and rubs and sympathy. I love the attention because when you get it once a year its more of an event, if you are sick every weekend then that’s just plain annoying and nobody bothers with you.

They allow you to watch whatever, Cold is such a good excuse to get away with so much because you are not in your senses or that is what they think ( excluding the fact that you still have the sense to do those things that you wouldnt have gotten away with normally)

When you have a cold, you also have this awesome nasal voice that you can have so much fun with, singing all the songs that you would never have the guts to attempt for fear of eggs being thrown at you, but now you can just enjoy singing…. Its alright, you are forgiven.

The thing about colds that i don’t like are:

1. The Eye that is constantly watering or tearing ( I think its both), and its always just that one eye…

2. The sneeze that refuses to exit your system because it believes in delayed gratification

3. The loud sneeze in the middle of the night that causes all your neighbors to swear at you for scaring them.

4.The nose blowing that literally feels like you have blown out all your brains

5. The dry cough that makes you feel like as though you have aged a thousand years and the next time you have a coughing bout you are going to crack a couple of ribs.

6.The sudden fascination with Ice- Cream and Cold Drinks, and the sudden fascination to consume them all at the same time… Its strange

That being said I really don’t like being sick, I have made decision not to be sick next year, because really one single sneeze can make me feel miserable and although the side benefits seem great, you really miss out on a lot of things……

Till next time when I can stand up and not feel like a tap, have a good day





4 thoughts on “Colds: Pros And Cons

  1. I’m just getting over a cold. I bought ice cream and soda. First I would eat some ice cream, then about 5 minutes later I’d have some soda. Then I say what the hell and make an ice cream soda.

  2. The one thing that I actually like about being sick is the feeling of being really healthy afterwards. You know – you almost feel refreshed or have a new appreciation for what it means to feel “well” …anyway, being sick still blows – hope you feel better by now!!

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