Understanding Annoying people

The world is full of annoying people, or just people who are annoying, either way a lot have come into my sphere of contact lately which leads me to believe that i am a magnet and a high level of tolerance for annoyingess ( i doubt this is even a word). But they are important because without them we would live a calm and peaceful life, but really there is no fun in that, and they make their point to spice up our life whether we want it or not. That just shows how big they really are and what a giving heart they really have. So because of my close and unwilling interaction with them I have made some observations. Here they are:

Behind every annoying person annoying you, lies anot

her person annoying her/him/it. You are just in their way.

Annoying people will never be endangered neither will they be extinct.They are too strong for that.

Annoying people are in this world to stretch our bad lanugage abilities and to teach us patience and restraint

Annoying people are always online and their activities during the day are all that you see on your facebook homepage

Annoying people are absolutely everywhere you don’t want them to be, they hide in wait to unleash their talent on you. That is how they bless you.

Annoying people come in all shapes/sizes/nationalites/gender. They might even be alien but its not really a problem.

I hope you don’t come across to many annoying people, because its like being exposed to radioactive material, its not really safe for your health or wealth or mind or soul. But if you do come across them and have no option but to have close interaction with them then all the best, you are going to need more help than you can possible imagine, but in all things remember don’t let them get the best of you.


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