The Calming down Playlist

Very often, more often than not you will come across people who will annoy the living daylights at you, these kinds of people are usually catgeorized by their angry eyes, ridiculous grammar and horrible vocabulary worthy of a pirate. In most cases  will have to just hear these people ( Employers, Parents, The guy issuing you the loan) out, then again sometimes that just doesn’t work and then you may yourself become an annoying person, but in these trying and precious moments of your life when you really just want to drown the annoying-ness its a good idea to listen to some music where people aren’t screaming. In such challenging situations its really important what you listen to, because what you hear becomes you, it really does. In such a situation though i have a calming playlist that includes this:

1. The Scientist :Coldplay

2. I shall Believe : Sheryl Crow

3.Chasing Cars : Snow Patrol

4.Happy : Natasha Bedigfield

5.Running to stand Still : U2

6.For you : Yim Jae Bum

7.Parachute : Train

8.Fix You : Coldplay

9. Run: Snow Patrol

10. Without You: David Guetta ft Usher

But in order for this to really calm you down you have to 1. have it on repeat mode 2. Have it Loud 3. Listen through really really good headphones all by yourself. This is the only way you can reclaim your sanity, and escape to another place that’ll allow you to catch your breath and move you forward.

This is the only reason why music exists



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