Why things actually work out

This year has been hard on some people, there are dreams that have been torn and shattered, then there are people who have faced the worst of times with the financial circumstances, loss of jobs, loss friends and family, some have had serious health challenges, while others won’t even last to welcome the new year.

Yet while we were going through all of this, somehow things were falling into place, good things did happen, and we were blessed by small and big mercies. After hearing how things don’t work out and how we are subject to the whims and fancies of luck and fate and other such, it got
me thinking that despite all of this, I am here still standing because things did work out, I weathered the storm , everyone has been attacked at some level, everyone has been injured but be grateful knowing that the injury wasn’t enough to make you quit and give up. If you are still standing then you have something to be thankful for.

But things do work out, even though it looks like an impossibility, it happens, locked doors open, blocked roads clear and help comes from the places you least expect it to. Why does this happen?

  1. Because you have your heart set on it working out
  2. Because you are desperate enough to believe it will happen
  3. Because you want it more than anything in the whole world
  4. Because criticism is not enough to make you give up
  5. Because even in trying you have achieved much
  6. Because you are thankful for every bit of progress and development
  7. Because your hope is protected and saturated by your prayers
  8. Because you try to change the situation rather than complain about it
  9. Because you have done your best
  10. Because no one can really stop someone who is convinced

This is the only reason why things actually work out, and why they will continue to work out. It isn’t all that complicated, because its in the simple things that we actually begin to live.




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