Weather Talk

Winter’s here!.
Winter doesn’t come as dramatically as other seasons, but very subtly like a butterfly it flies in, waiting patiently for you to take notice. It brings with it a sense of curiosity, and the urge to let your imagination soar.  I feel more hopeful than ever in the winter season, there is a sense of excitement, that there are signs of good things about to unfold, and thankful lists to compile, people to reach out to, promises to fulfill, promises to make. And ofcourse there is Christmas. There’s lots of baking to do, and shopping and walks to take in the cool weather, time to create a million more memories

and time to drink lots of Hot chocolate, homes to decorate , trees that have to be put up, family members that come to visit and its perfect time to think of the year that went by. To remember the good times and the not so good times, Its a good way to finish the year, wrapped up in the arms of winter.
Winter is like a friend that stays with you as you end the year and then leads you on to begin a new one. And its here again to comfort us that no matter the challenges that we were faced with in the year, we are still standing and we will see what next year looks like.

Enjoy your winter



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