About being temporarily Unemployed

I read an article in the newspaper the other day about coping with work stress, something about time management, and all of that needless to say I just glanced through it, didn’t actually read it, the only reason being that at this point such an article seems irrelevant to me because to have work stress you need to be working, But being the positive person that I am , I have kept that piece for future reference. Everywhere people are hankering and going on protests and all because they can’t seem to find jobs, or their jobs pay less, or whatever, I understand what they are going through, it is a painful thing to do, If you know anyone who stays in this part of the world they’ll confirm that there are only 2 difficult things that they have to suffer for  getting a driving license and the other is getting a Job. I have the first, now its time for the second. Apparently people have theories on the best way to land a good job here in the UAE, some say you need to have connections, others say you need to spread the word that you are looking for employment, then some others say you need to be lucky, then there’s things like fate, and the right time, and the right season, and superstitions …one day after I am happily employed i will make my own theory, till then I have to just hear these people out.

Being jobless isn’t that horrible, if you know how to turn it in your favour, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are stupid or unemployable but convincing people of this can be the real challenge especially when you belong to an asian background where we like to finish everything quickly. We like to finish childhood quickly, run through our schooling years, get a masters degree by the time we are 23, then move on to making a living, and get married by 25 and people think we’re weird, even I think we are weird, sometimes I think we feel guilty being alive, and being able to enjoy life and because of that we don’t. But work has come to define us, if you have no Job you have no respect and you are subject to a whole lot of sympathy and awkward conversations and advice that you are better without.

Very soon I’ll be employed, then I ll have things like work stress, and how to deal with horrible bosses, then I’ll complain about how hard work is, and how I don’t have a life,while enjoying my salary, and then I ‘ll want to resign but it’ll remain a mere complain, a consolation that i at least have that option, till then though I’ ll just keep pushing on and keep persevering knowing that this is just a momentary phase, and to help me with that there are always newspaper articles and shopping for power suits and shoes for that day when I get to get up early in the morning and head off to my workplace.

2 thoughts on “About being temporarily Unemployed

  1. I have some relatives that live in Dubai. You described the unemployment situation exactly as they have told me on several occasions.

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