Real Steel : Review

If you really like something, you will talk about it……. a lot and then some more, if that doesn’t do it then you ‘ll blog about it, tweat about it and make sure everyone knows what you know.. The same follows with Real Steel.

When I first saw the trailer ( while watching the ever so disappointing Captain America and his ridiculous shield), I had decided that this was a movie I was not going to watch because it looked all roboty and technical and there is no possible way I was going to relate to it. Thank goodness I didn’t go with that line of reasoning and also because my brother convinced me that there is only one reason why I should really watch it : Hugh Jackman.

In all essence I went just to watch Hugh Jackman ( that’s loyalty and  belief that he rarely makes rubbish movies), My brother was not wrong, but it wasn’t Hugh Jackman that kept me glued to the seat, it was the robots and the Max Kenton( Dakota Goyo), who plays Charlie Kenton’s ( Hugh Jackman) very smart son. He alone can deal with the craziness that is his father, it was a tit for tat war between the two that is charming, hilarious and emotional. The story follows Charlie Kenton who owns robots and participates in robot boxing, He is implusive and mostly always loses more money than he actually has. In between his quest to make it big,  he has to take care of his son ( not willingly) and together the two of them set out on a journey of incredible fun, adventure, sheer stupidity, and just courage and guts, mix the robots to this and you have an incredible movie that will make you want to watch the ending credits as well. The robots have their own personality, from Ambush, to Noisy Boy, and then to Atom, you wish you had one.

My favourite dialogue is when Charlie Kenton asks his son what he wanted from him, to which Max replies ‘I just  want you to fight for me’

This is one movie to watch in the theater, it is an experience more than anything and when you watch it with strangers in a theater hall, you will scream, shout, cry and cheer with them as the movie rolls on. It is very well written, and the portrayal of the characters is just amazing, and I loved it, it just goes to prove that Hugh Jackman doesn’t make rubbish movies.

I hope you enjoy it.


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