The Year of Revolutions

It is  the year of revolutions, something that started in the Arab region early in the year has spread world over faster than a forest fire. All the protesting and fighting and revolting has not been without any reason and not without results either, there was the Syrian uprising, Libyan unrest, Egyptian revolution, Indian anti-corruption campaigns, Occupy Wall street, the current Occupy Oakland and the more recent and widely popular protest against the changes that Google wants to incorporate into their reader ( which makes me wonder why exactly would Google want to spoil something as good as the reader instead of promoting the reader )

This year we are standing up against dictatorship,

we are standing up against corrupt governments,

we are standing up against greedy corporations,

we are standing up against failed policies that promised us a better futurem but is ruining the present

we are standing up against that which seeks to instill fear into us,

we are standing up against the evil forces that seek to supress us and bring us down.

For far too long we’ve accepted and have grown comfortable with the wrong people being in power, the wrong policies being in office, too many lies that have benefited the wrong people.Those who didn’t have a voice are the loudest, and those that had no ability are leading their people into a better world.

This is absolutely the year of revolutions and changes, where the changes are being forced in by ordinary people who are guided by morals and injustice that they’ve had to deal with over so many years,  fueled by conviction that there exists a better way to live, alternatives where they have access to hospitals and health care, food and water, a shelter to call home, a job to make a living.

Gradually and surely the pieces are falling it the right places. This is the best time to be alive.


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