A story of Heart

Just saw Soul surfer yesterday and was just blown away, that movie has a whole lot of heart in it. You expect it to be inspiring, judging from the story but it was overwhelming-ly beautiful. It is so real and so tangible, it will move you and inspire you. That if its possible with her, then its possible for us.

Everyone has their own share of trials and challenges i guess, everyone everywhere is going through something, but if we didn’t have that we’d never grow, we’d never toughen up and be swept away. That being said, this story was different in the sense that it showed how much Bethany Hamilton tried to get up to her feet after being attacked by the shark, and how she failed, how she almost gave up, and how she ultimately triumphed. It was a difficult journey, a painful journey of a person pushed into extraordinary circumstances. Extraordinary circumstances that made her an extraordinary person.But i guess the motivation comes from being put into a position where you cannot do that one thing that you are born to do.

When someone/something takes away your only reason for living, some people stay quiet, others complain, others are paralyzed by fear and agony and the others keep pushing harder , fighting for what they know belongs to them. It is resolve. It is a hard place to be, a very very hard place to be, it might seem glamorous but it really isn’t, It isn’t even easy, but it is possible and that’s the only factor that really should influence you which is the moral of the story of Bethany Hamilton and of Soul Surfer.

It is really amazing to see that our real heroes are not the educated people, or those who are rich or those who are so influential , it is those people who are despised, those who had no voice are the ones that really have the loudest and most moving things to say, those who have no ability according to our own judgement move heaven and earth to change and better the world in a way that no one else can. We are all that way, not perfect, don’t have the best of things, not all that rich, not all that talented, but what we have is sufficient to bring our share of sunshine into our world only the way we are supposed to.

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