All about Korean drama Addiction

It all started with a small one, thanks to my Mongolian and Nepali roommates, a single Korean movie A Moment to Remember , and what is life if not progress, right from there i was shown another facet of Korean Cinema, Korean Drama and i fell in love. It went from Personal Taste , to Boys before flowers , to the more recent City Hunter. It’s a crazy ride, i mean no one can come up with stories and act in them the way these guys do. It was just crazy.

I have been hungry and sleepless because one episode is just not enough. Those people who watch such dramas they are always no eat-no sleep- no talk- no blink mode for the sake of not missing the action, its not like you can change the channel and its never a case of lets watch it later, it’s always and always a case of let’s finish this of, no matter i haven’t showered or that I haven’t gone to work or I am pretending to work and look busy while in my mind I am sorting out the plot and the characters. Sometimes the plot just doesn’t make sense, like Personal Taste, because there is no way that all that going on in there can ever be possible, it is too far stretched, it is over exaggerated and impossible, but that is the reason why it is so relate-able, because everyone wants over-exaggerated and impossible possibilities. Everything about it just pulls you in, you feel you
are a part of story and any progress in the story line is going to affect your own life. You just connect which each and every character, it is extremely engaging to the point that my family just ignore me now, when i am on a drama run there is no way you can disturb me, or even talk to me because i can’t even hear you.

I just finished watching City Hunter , it is an amazing drama, with awesome characterization and once you are done watching

all the 20 episodes, you’ ll want to send a personal note to the director  begging him to make a sequel.It is political without being boring, action-filled without being disgusting, it has suspense without being annoying,  it is  painful yet the kind you like, romantic with just the right amount of dreamy, but most   of all it is so strongly human  that you just feel like you are in that story, you relate to the their joy, their happiness and their disappointments.There there is only one but to this whole story it gets over quick, that’s the   only horrible aspect of it, it gets over quick

 Currently i am in post-drama blues, it got over faster than I though itwould, and  I wished it had just gone on and on and on and I am not the only one. But for now i ll try and get some work done while listening ,I ll shower and i ll eat and i ll get some sleep for only one reason , i have to stock up to watch City Hunter for the what seems to be a second time but will not remain my last time watching it.

This is really something you have to see, it will blow your mind away like it did mine and you’ll not regret it that’s  a promise.

Just for the small thrills of this life

Yours Truly,

Korean drama, City hunter, Lee Min Ho Addict

…………. 🙂 ………..

7 thoughts on “All about Korean drama Addiction

  1. Don’t know if you know, but … Boys before/over Flowers was based off a Japanese manga called Hana Yori Dango. Before BOF was made there was a Taiwanese drama adaptation of the manga called Meteor Garden (which was a hit as well). After MG, there came the Japanese drama adaptation called (suprise, suprise) Hana Yori Dango. HYD the drama went on for 2 seasons (the total episode number is the nearly the same if not less than BOF). Finally HYD became a movie. HYD is also a popular drama adaption. As you can guess BOF came after HYD and now (lol) there is also a Chinese drama adaptation called Meteor Shower (Wow real original). There is even rumored to be a Filipino drama adaptation coming out. All four differ (not counting the Filipino one) in presentation and they even differ in storyline. Each has its own end or twists in there. I’m not asking you to go out and watch any of them. Just wanted to share. I am also a fan of korean dramas. If you want any recommendations I would say watch Protecting the Boss, Couple or Trouble, or Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Btw nice blog and feel free to check out mine.

    1. Wow i didn’t know HYD was this big, i knew it was originally Japanese but this is just super crazy……. I actually am too big a fan of Korean Drama, and my Best friend is a fan of Japanese Drama, so it was a fight to see which version was better HYD or BOF, but its one of those debates that will never end though because both of us are so adamant and biased. I’ve heard about Protecting the Boss, i think i ll take your suggestion and watch it, take a break from Mr. Lee Min Ho! Which is your favorite drama?

  2. Two people I know other than me enjoy watching Korean dramas. My friend like you is a huge (HUGE) Korean drama and k-pop fan. I know how you and your friend feel because honestly I love both Korean and Japanese dramas. Personally I liked HYD better maybe because I watched that one first and the characters grew on me. It could also be because I didn’t like the actress in BOF. I just couldn’t stomach her for some reason. The way she said his name maybe? I kept thinking they could have picked someone to match Lee Min Ho better (for better chemistry). You’ve asked me a difficult question. I’ve watched more dramas than I can count (fast foreward-ed parts I couldn’t stand lol). Don’t have a favorite, but favorites. The ones I mentioned are a part of my favorites. Korean dramas are loads better than most mainstream dramas. No never ending seasons (American dramas) or no season that never ends (Indian dramas). Are you a fan of k-pop too?

  3. LMH and GHS is one of the best couple in K-Drama.. and the drama had 35% plus rating for your info.. They are also nominated as best actor and actress in Seoul drama award in 2009. I believed GHS excellent portrayal of the character Jandi made BOF one of the most watched K-drama of all time. And I love the way she carried the neophytes F4 in the drama. She is the best choice to match LMH ! (for me this is a fun drama and only GHS can deliver both comedic and dramatic scenes).

  4. @ choisunfan I’m well aware of the popularity of the show and the couple, but I kid you not there are people who watched the show just for LMH, KB, or KHJ (the ratings won’t tell you that). I personally enjoyed the second leading couple more. They were adorable. GHS did an amazing job in Strongest Chil Woo, but I didn’t like her in BOF. If you watched BOF without ever reading the manga or the anime, you have nothing to compare the drama to. Since I have watched the anime (didn’t finish the manga) I had already imagined someone else playing their roles.

    @sabrina City Hunter is another Korean drama based off of a Japanese manga of the same name. Hope you enjoy PTB though. It is hilarious. This was another drama where the characters grew on me.

  5. I liked GHS, mainly because i wasn’t familiar with the past versions of the series and so i wasn’t really watching it with any expectation, but she really played the role, she was awkward and weird and a total contrast to the guys which i guess what they were going for. its like a book adaptation of a movie i guess, some love it and some hate it…..The only thing about BOF that i didn’t like was the soundtrack and that song Almost Paradise, that really annoyed me, because they generally have awesome music to compliment the drama but the soundtrack was horrible honestly…
    But I’ll definitely watch PTB, i read the review, it sounds good….

    1. Ditto. I didn’t like that song at all, but the stand by me song wasn’t bad at all. The lyrics were nice. Oh… the drama Bad Guy had a fantastic OST! The lyrics are meaningful. The OST really enhanced the feel you got from drama and from the situation between the main characters.

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